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Why not?

The team here at Buy Bongs Australia are as awesome as the glass we design. We are a dedicated bunch of true blue Aussie glass lovers. We offer quality cheap and rare bongs, water pipes, glass products, glass bubblers, glass spoons, grinders, hookahs, oil and concentrate pipes and accessories, spoons and more. We are the go to place for smokers alike down under. We will always be the best be so long as we continue to make the good people here in Australia satisfied.

History of Bongs

Before you Buy Bongs Australia, learn a little!

The typical water pipe, bong or “billy” as some of us knows it today have come an incredibly long way since its innovation by someone who we would all love to thank.

Commonly used to smoke Tobacco and herbs, bongs filter out the ash by the presence of water. This process also then amplifies the smoke produced once it hits the water.

Note: People generally use quality bongs as an alternative to hand held pipes or joints due to the hit of the amplified smoke.

A good bong will serve its user well. However, many people have the problem of breaking bongs due to the fact most are made from glass. Today, there are various alternatives that can prevent this such as buying a Silicone base bong instead of a glass one.

Silicone Bongs are a thing of the future. You can literally bend silicone to any shape you like and watch it spring back to original shape. They are super resilient and no different to glass! Best part is you can compress them to a smaller size in order to pack them away for trips in the future.

Promo: Silicone Bongs will soon be commercially available in our online bong shop. Stay tuned!

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